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Streaming DJs is recruiting new and exciting DJs worldwide!

Bring your mixes and DJ sets to meet the Online DJ experience.

Online DJ World of Streaming DJs

Now everyone from everywhere in the world can book an Online DJ.

Imagine the web as the largest club, opened 24h / 365 days per year.

Why be a Streaming DJ?

Online DJ Connected to the World of Streaming DJs

> Decide when you are available!
> No need to carry all your gear to every globe corners, you can DeeJay from home!
> Spread your music and meet your audience.
> Increase your chances to get gigs.

How does it work?

Explanation about Streaming DJs - Video If you are not familiar with Streaming DJs
check this video

DJ Categories

Depending on your experience as a DJ you will be classified as:

Online DJs Categories in Streaming DJs

Know more about
DJ Categories

Public Profile

Registered DJs have a public profile in Online DJs directory.

DJ Rating

Determines your price and your category.

It is affected by Host feedbacks, cancellations and others.

See DJ rating system

DJ Dashboard

Online DJs Dashboard in Streaming DJs

Is the homepage of registered DJs.

As a DJ, you can check the user's feedback, review the DJ Guide, confirm and cancel events, edit your online DJ profile, update your calendar of availability, etc.

How does it work? (continue)


Online DJs Calendar in Streaming DJs

When a selected date and time for an event matches your availability then you are one of the choices displayed

Online DJs Message in Streaming DJs

All information related to booked events are sent to you by email and posted on your Message Board.


Online DJs Session in Streaming DJs

SDJ Session is where the event occurs. DJ and Host see each other through video chat and communicate via text chat. Music is streamed separately to our server.


Online DJs Calendar in Streaming DJs

DJs usually get paid within the next 2 weeks after the event. All payments are done via PayPal.


Online DJs Calendar in Streaming DJs

After the event the DJ can see and reply the Host's feedback.

If you have any question first check the FAQ or Contact us.


Take the time to read carefully and comply with all the form's requirements.

Applications can be discarded in the following cases:

> Submitting low resolution or bad quality pictures.

> Not providing a significant biography.

> Not giving a clear evidence of your DJ experience.


DJ with us

DJ Categories

When DJs join in, they are assigned in one of the four following categories. The assignment is based on the DJ experience, popularity, touring, productions and influence in a region and/or genre.


Can demonstrate...

10 years of experience Djing in public venues.

Has been or is a Resident DJ in a well known venue.

Has their own recordings, and produce their own music.

Has their own label or is part of one.

Has performed in radio stations, festivals and/or in large events (over 10000 people).

Master DJs can choose their DJ Rating points (from 6000 points).

Master DJs can decide what size of event they are available to perform.


Can demonstrate...

6 years of experience Djing in public venues.

Has been or is a Resident DJ in a public venue.


Produce their own music.

Has their own label or is part of one.

Has performed in radio stations, festivals and/or in large events (over 1000 people).

All Expert DJs start with 2500 DJ Rating points.

Expert DJs cannot perform for Massive events.

Expert DJs can choose not to be available for Small or Medium size events (less than 150 people).


Can demonstrate at least 2 years of experience Djing in public venues.

Might be or has been a Resident DJ in a public event.

All Skilled DJs start with 1000 DJ Rating points.

Skilled DJs cannot perform for Huge and Massive events.


Has performed for familiars or friends.

Has occasional gigs in public venues.

Might have many years of experience playing at home.

Amateurs DJs start with 200 DJ Rating points.

Amateurs DJs cannot perform for Large, Huge and Massive events.

DJ rating system

When a DJ joins in, they get classified depending on their experience and are be placed in one of the following categories, corresponding to the DJ rating points:

Master DJs - from 6000 points (unlimited)
Expert DJs - from 2500 to 6000 points
Skilled DJs - 1000 to 2500 points
Amateur DJs - 200 to 1000 points

DJ rating depends on:

The feedback that users give after an event about the DJ music, their general availability and the DJ set up and presence.
The number of events the DJ performs and the number of bookings they receive.
+30 points for DJs who upload a valid Plan B.
Extra bonus points from the Streaming DJs' team.
DJ cancellations (for any early or late cancellation DJ rating decreases).

This is how we calculate DJ points(*):

Selected: +2 points
(for confirmations 3 days or more before the event)
Event set: +8 points
The user will value the DJ performance on a scale from 0 to 100:
0: -40 points on DJ rating.
50: no gain on DJ rating.
100: +40 points on DJ rating.
Streaming DJs Bonuses: Not fixed

DJ Cancellation:
Early cancellation: -30 points on DJ rating.
(at least 3 days before the event)
Late cancellation: -100 points on DJ rating.
(within 3 days before the event)

(*) Rating points vary depending on the type of event.
These are for small and medium size events.
want to see the full chart?

The increase or decrease of points can allow the DJ to jump from one category to another.

Note: the "Like" button that appears in the Online DJ profile is independent from the rating system.

Online DJs samples pictures

Good pictures

1 profile + 1 performing

653px minimum height

Suitable for upright frame

No logos

No watermarks

Rights free

Online DJs mix samples

Mixcloud samples

Your mixes

30' length

2 different sets

No cloud mix

Online DJs Category

Demonstrate category

Based on your experience

Provide specific information supported by flyers, videos, links...

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