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DJ Daddy J


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St. Louis, USA




24 years




vinyl, computer


Jam Master Jay, DJ Skribble


Right Here/SWV, California Love/2Pac, One More Time/Daft Punk


Daddy J got his start probably like most typical DJs do (or should we say, used to do). By getting himself 2 turntables & a mixer and just practicing like crazy in the basement of his house in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. After acquiring some of the basic skills to rock a party, he moved on to doing small neighborhood events and house parties.

Of course, now, being from the Show Me State, it was time for Daddy J to expand his listening audience to show everyone just what he was capable of doing. In 1993, M-Pressive Enterprises was formed. Along with his partner-in-crime, Storm, the duo started rocking much larger events and definitely started making it happen for themselves.

Do you think that Daddy J stopped there? Yeah, right! This is where the fun starts. Best known for his almost flawless mixing skills & ability to rock the hip-hop and R&B crowds, he took his action to the club scene. Starting things off with something the kids, Daddy J went on to work with One Man Band of Flex Productions to a hot little teen spot called X-Ray's in 1993. At this point, Daddy's message was definitely least to the younger generation.

Now, Daddy J had to convince the older crowd of his musical skills. Taking the action across the Mississippi River to Illinois to the legendary Stagez nightclub (and yes, Stagez is spelled with a "z" on the end....not an "s"), Daddy J worked out on the 1's & 2's with his old high school buddy, Mikey B, and also Hydroponic Sno & Stan Da Man, as they all turned the party out to make the club one of St. Louis' phattest mainstream dance nightclubs of all time in the St. Louis area.

Daddy J & Hydroponic Sno went on to work together at such clubs as Facade....a spot that attracted a lot of celebrities either coming to St. Louis or just passing through. And also spun the Sunday night radio mix show for KWBQ, Q-104, out of Tasmania nightclub on St. Louis' luxurious Laclede's Landing.

Now, Daddy J was out to prove a point. He had to break this typical stereotype that everyone seemed to have (particularly club owners) that the only thing that an African-American disc jockey could play was hip-hop or rap! Still kicking it with Hydroponic Sno, they went on to rock Excalibur nightclub in Collinsville, Illinois, once again performing on the radio with Q-104 (which by the way, we forgot to mention earlier that this was a Top 40 station, not hip-hop).

Daddy J & Hydroponic Sno went on to open the East St. Louis nightclub, The Monastery (which as most St. Louisans know, is very much so a hip-hop club).

Later, Daddy J went on to Club Utopia, performing for both the teen and the adult crowds. Down the road, he finally picked up the radio mix show there for KSLZ, Z-107.7 (another Top 40 station). This time, though, going solo with the show all to himself, playing everything from Madonna & Backstreet Boys to TLC & Jay-Z. As the show relocated to the prestigous Central West End at the Voo Doo club, Daddy J moved along with the show and rocked the party from the new location.

Daddy J later teamed up with Big D to lend a helping hand at his 2 clubs, Icon & Liquid, spinning mainstream dance, house, hip-hop and R&B before taking a year off and going to the West Coast.

Now, after returning home to St. Louis, Daddy J kept his travels a little closer to St. Louis. College towns like Cape Girardeau and Columbia Missouri knew Daddy J well for dropping the hottest tracks that they couldn't hear on the radio in their local area. Word on the streets was "That lil' dude from St. Louis is back! Let's hit the club"!

Other spots Daddy J rocked after returning to St. Louis include the wild & crazy Tequila Wyld in downtown St. Louis, near the Arch. As well as a ridiculously packed Saturday night residency at Rockstar Nightclub in South St. Louis.

Daddy J also returned once again to radio station, Z-107.7, to join a team of DJs for the nightly mixshow, Mixphoria, hosted by on-air personality, The HaZe Phenonenon.

Currently, you'll still catch Daddy J on the turntables rockin' the party. Spinning everything from as early as the 80s all the way up to today's hits. His company, M-Pressive Enterprises, currently has 2 divisions now. M-Pressive Entertainment, which still handles the club, mobile & radio DJs as well as other musical entertainment. Then there's M-Pressive Radio!, an online Rhythmic radio station specializing in Top 40 Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B and Dance music, all day 24/7. He's also a member of an organization that a subdivision of Hip-Hop artist Nelly's Derrty Entertainment called Derrty DJs.

You can also check out a quick cameo of DJ Daddy J in a video from St. Louis artist, Skiddalz, whose music has been feature on MTV's popular Jersey Shore. The single is called "Pop Magic". Just click the title for the video.

So if you're looking for a DJ with lots of experience under his belt, spinning for the best of the best, DJ Daddy J is your DJ!


Daddy J was great, and we would book him again any time. Really fine music selection and mixing skills, and very attentive on the chat. Only caveat was that it was a bit hard to see him because of poor lighting. This was a mere detail though as we had a magnificent time in his virtual company. All in all a great first-time experience with Streaming DJs - we'll definitely book with you again!

[by autofunk78 after Private party in DENMARK on 30 Dec 2013]


very nice

[by gino after BE SOCIAL in QATAR on 27 Jan 2015]


good music

[by gino after Be social in QATAR on 02 Mar 2015]



[by gino after Be social in QATAR on 27 Mar 2015]


Thank you very much. Sorry for the delay in response.

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Daddy J
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