Request DJ Availability

Request a DJ Availability: a new feature available now on book a DJ.

Making it even easier! When you select the date and time of your event in Book a DJ form, you can view all available DJs. Now, at the end of the list simply click on the request a DJ availability button to view all the DJs that are not available at your chosen date and time. Simply select the one you want!
You can also filter the results by suggesting the genres you would like for your event.
There is also a "+i" button on each DJ that will prompt a popup with the info, pictures and samples.
After selecting DJ/s for the request you need to add the basic info about your event and upon submission all DJs will be notified by email with the option to accept or decline.
The host will be notified on any response and will be able to continue or cancel the booking at any time. Note that requests will be canceled 75h before the starting of the DJ set.
Requests need at least 7 days ahead to leave enought time for DJs to answer and do the booking.
We hope you enjoy the new feature and that it makes it easy to get great experiences with us!
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