New party idea extremely affordable!

Planning a Birthday party? Housewarming party? Bachelor party? Graduation party??

Tired of making your own playlist music?

Looking for new party ideas to spice up your event??

Our service allows you to book an Online DJ from anywhere in the world for a VIRTUAL Session straight to your party...but let me come to the point:

Amateur DJs can now be booked for the extremely affordable price of 10 € / $ 12 per hour!

Indeed, we are making it soooo easy for you to try!! Just think about it next time you plan a meeting with your friends... booking only takes a couple of minutes. And you have the music sorted. And maybe you can take the time to cook a nicer meal. Or have a proper chat with your guests.

Think that Streaming DJs is also a great way to allow a DJ to perform online, interact with a new public via the video and chat, and even get to know different cultures as your online DJ can perform from the other side of the world for your event!

And there’s even more! All booking done during the months of march and april will be granted of a 25% discount!

Ask your discount coupon now!

You have no excuses for not trying this great new party idea!


Streaming DJs is the future of events 3.0, don’t be the last one to investigate... Liven Up Your Party!

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