Streaming DJs Beta... on AIR!

It's only a matter of time for all jobs that can be done through the net to get their platforms to allow it to happen. We knew this long time ago but 2 years ago we started working to realise this project that allows DJs to perform from home to wherever the event is... now a village of Peru could enjoy the music of a french DJ!

This itself is a revolution in the world of DJs and events. We already had DJs performing live online but no way to book them for a private event and no system to let them see how the crowd was responding to their music. Options like email contact, direct payments and skype where possible but without a good quality stream for the sound or a complicated way to set up streaming servers. We did gather all these services in an easy and enjoyable platform but we did not stop here...

We also started to envision the future of events 3.0!

On the same platform we provide a chat and a way to send pictures to the virtual session where all guests have access. This way you can directly interact with guests on the same event without needing to approach them or winning the right to approach them later on...

We are a team of young enthusiasts and professionals that love music and its potential to transform the world. We are living in the technological era and we believe in a wise use of technology to benefit all human beings.

We are proud to be offering this new and pioneer online service. We hope you all like it and help us shape it in the best way possible.

To give support and follow the project visit and like the fb page

We will also use this blog for relevant news, web updates, connection issues, etc.

For DJ's world related posts have a look at the DJ Cult Blog and if you want to see the events done with us check the Event Blog.


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